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CIO Theater: The Three Acts of CIO Presentations

Presentations can be overwhelming and terrifying, but through preparation they can be the perfect performance to show the board all that you are made of. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Terry Bradwell explains how presenting in the boardroom is like a performance on a stage, and how the CIO can make this work for their benefit.

Own the Stage

The first and most important step before even planning the performance is to know your audience. Building relationships with everyone on the board can help the CIO to better accommodate their needs as well as have a leg up on getting your requests fulfilled. These relationships can help to gain clarity during meetings if any questions arise. A healthy relationship builds trust, and when there is trust, there is active listening–exactly what is desired during a killer presentation. Build relationships and deliver material in a manner that is received well by all.

The second step involves some inward looking to uncover your motivation. A CIO who is motivated to make a good impression really impresses the board. The board is the CEO’s boss, so when the CIO makes great decisions in the eyes of the board, the CEO is seen as competent in their ability to bring in the right person for the job. There is the added bonus that this process will help to advance the CIO’s career. A powerful presentation says a lot about the CIO’s ability, which can translate into a glowing recommendation from the board to the plethora of contacts they have.

The final aspect to this whole process is to present authentic information. Never make a statement you cannot back up with facts. It is okay to be unsure; that is where research and conversations come in. Additionally, being passionate goes a long way. When the CIO is enthusiastic, it transcribes into a better presentation.

You can read the original article here: https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2015/12/cio-theater-presenting-board-three-acts

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