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10 IT Leadership Tips from Top Experts

It is great to ask questions from a superior or mentor, but what if you are the head of the department? Where do you turn with your inquiries? In an article for CIO.com, John Brandon shares expert advice for IT leaders today. There are ten pieces of advice the experts …

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The Real Cost of Unused Software

Unused or wasted software costs companies money, but just how high is that cost? In a report, 1E Limited analyzes how much software waste exists, the cost, and ways to combat it. This report analyzed 3.6 million seats and 1,800 software titles spanning across 129 corporations, concluding that companies are …

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When it Comes to Cyber Threats, CIOs Don’t Like to Share

Whether it be a 13-year-old thinking he is clever hacking into your system, or an organized crime to steal coveted information, cyber-attacks are a frequent occurrence. For the CIO, part of their job description is to protect against these threats. In a post for The Accidental Successful CIO, Dr. Jim …

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10 Legal Areas that IT Managers Should Beware

The iron fist of the law can be an impenetrable barrier of entry in the world of business. It is growing more and more vital that IT managers are familiar with the basics of the law. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett explores the legal concerns that every IT …

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Preparing IT Systems and Organizations for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to really take flight, and companies need to adapt their IT architectures to accommodate this new world wonder. But how can a company do so smoothly? In an article for McKinsey & Company, Johannes Deichmann, Matthias Roggendorf, and Dominik Wee elaborate on that …

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Saying Goodbye to Bimodal IT

The quest to meld stability and agility is a war yet to be won. Major players in business have been hyping bimodal IT as the solution, but what if this pursuit is a fool’s errand? Despite the advancement and promises made from bimodal IT, Mark A. Campbell, writing for CIO …

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