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12 Bad Habits that Slow IT to a Crawl

You never see a sports team with a sloth or a snail as the mascot. That is because people seldom want to celebrate slowness. In an article for InfoWorld, Bob Lewis identifies a whole dozen bad habits IT has picked up that are slowing it down. Once you address these …

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6 Steps for IT to Drive Decision-Making

The nature of IT’s work is transitioning to a necessary higher level of decision-making capabilities. IT just has too much potential to be allowed to squander it with “business as usual.” In an article for CFO.com, Tracy Currie elaborates on six steps to maximize IT’s ability to drive decisions within …

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10 Ways to Repurpose Your IT Investments

Legacy technology is seldom destined for the scrap heap in the right hands. You might even be surprised how much value remains to be found. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett lists 10 ways you can recycle old IT investments and receive a thumbs-up from the more miserly souls …

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