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Measuring Change Performance: Easy or Not?

Are things changing for the better or for the worse? And can you prove it? In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy discusses how to measure the success of change management. As usual, it seems straightforward, but it comes with some caveats. Define Success First Before anything …

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Why the Right Change Often Feels Wrong

Change and apprehension are the peanut butter and jelly of the transformation sandwich. You just cannot get people to shake that nagging sensation of worry whenever a change must be made. Or can you? In a post at his website, Scott Berkun shares the Satir Change Model, which explains why …

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The 8 Biggest IT Management Mistakes

Everyone is entitled to an off-day here and there, where you make a pretty lousy mistake. But having too many off-days is a recipe for company disaster, so make sure to space them out! In an article for CIO magazine, Dan Tynan discusses eight of the worst mistakes that happen …

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Why a Strategic IT Plan Is a CIO’s Best Asset

Without planning, there is little chance for success, and if there is success it is likely not maximized to its fullest potential. Although an end-of-year report highlights the important accomplishments of the business, it cannot satisfy all of the strategic planning requirements for the year. In an article for The …

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How to Identify Your Work in Progress in ITSM

Work in progress (WIP) is kind of like the “promise of value.” Eventually, that work will amount to something—but not yet. WIP has many applications in business, and they are growing in IT. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy discusses the significance of WIP for IT …

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