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9 Things Your Service Provider Wants You to Know

Nobody is happy when IT runs into problems, especially the service providers catering to them. But there is frequently friction in these IT-provider relationships, and it often stems from miscommunication. In an article for Computerworld, Sandra Gittlen becomes the voice of service providers, sharing nine tips that the providers would …

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10 Essential Elements of Change Management

You seldom get a say in when change strikes your life, but you can at least manage how much of an impact you allow it to have. In IT, a mismanaged change can trigger outages that kill productivity and company reputation. So in an article for TechRepublic, Scott Matteson describes …

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How Will ITSM Play Its Part Fighting the IT Security Threat?

Whether from isolated individuals or malicious criminal organizations, IT security threats are becoming more serious, making ITSM more needed than ever. In a post for SITS, Wolfgang Kandek elaborates on how security and services teams need to work together. In today’s world of real-time updates, security threats are a much …

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The IT Industry’s 95% Problem

Chris O’Brien wrote an article entitled “Evernote’s 5% problem offers a cautionary lesson to tech companies” in which he explored how it came to light that people were only using 5 percent of Evernote’s features. In a post for the Gartner Blog Network, Brian Prentice flips this perspective into what …

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