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The Virtue of IT Change Management

For as critical as good change management is, it seems to be criminally mishandled when it actually needs to be put into practice. Geoffrey Bowman aims to correct lackadaisical attitudes in a post at his blog, where he outlines how things go wrong a

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4 Ways to Help with Software Asset Management

Software asset management (SAM) is built on a principle that isn’t as straightforward as it sounds: managing software. You have to know who is using it, how they’re using it, and how the software is supposed to be set up. This all works together into trying to figure out what …

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A Project Is a Wave in the Product Structure

A really great project is like a beautiful wrap on a Christmas gift. It sits under the tree, incubating excitement, waiting to be opened. But once Christmas morning comes, the gift is ripped open, the product inside is celebrated, and the gift wrap is thrown away. If the project is …

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The Culture of Sharing: New Learning for Service Management Staff

What is the foundation for performance of an organization? The people in the organization, and their capabilities, are the greatest asset and indicator of performance success. In a post for IT Chronicles, Michelle Major-Goldsmith elaborates on the importance of continuous learning and sustainable knowledge for those working in service management. …

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3 Ways Your Shadow IT Strategy May Be Broken

Data from Symantec indicates that the average enterprise was using 928 cloud apps at the end of 2017, but CIOs are under the impression that their organizations only use between 30 and 40 cloud apps. As Arlo Gilbert notes in an article for InformationWeek, that leaves a discrepancy of nearly …

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