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Legacy IT Systems: Hidden Risks Revealed

You may feel a commitment to your old legacy systems, but in some cases they might be leeches that will continue to suck your organization dry. In an article for InformationWeek, CIO Jonathon Feldman elaborates on his own personal experience with legacy systems, and how to finally let them go. …

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An Interview with Dave Gordon on His Book, The Data Conversion Cycle

Businesses approach data conversion projects with apprehension, and perhaps rightfully so. But the Practicing IT Project Manager, Dave Gordon, has written a new book aimed at demystifying data conversion for all roles involved. We interviewed Dave about his book and his reliable, repeatable process for data conversion. Here’s what he …

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The Value of IT Outsourcing in Hard Data

What Is IT Outsourcing? IT outsourcing is a well-known practice of subcontracting to third parties the responsibility to manage all or part of an organizational IT function. This allows the main organization to focus on the core business functions. Meanwhile, the service contractors work efficiently on areas that might have …

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With Agile and DevOps, Why ITIL?

While agile and DevOps have been getting the hot buzz lately, ITIL seems to have lost its vitality, but is that actually the truth? In fact, ITIL is still very much relevant and exudes heavy benefits. In a post at his blog, Professor P. Ross S. Wise elaborates on how …

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5 Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Decentralization increases as technology allows people near and far to work effectively together. And the better technology becomes, the more attractive IT outsourcing is becoming. In an article for Business.com, Nadya Khoja discusses some benefits of looking externally to have IT needs met: Better cost management More resources to focus …

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