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Windows 10 Migration: 4 Tips to Help IT Prepare

While some IT professionals are excited about the switch to Windows 10, others are determined to stay with Windows 7/8 for at least another year. In an effort to make the transition as smooth as possible, Andrew Froehlich reveals for InformationWeek some tips to making the switch more smoothly. New …

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The Greenhouse for Better ITSM Planning

Are ITIL and ITSM just misunderstood? In an article for Valorize IT, this issue is further explored and the secret to reaching success with these types of projects is revealed. Going Green-ish Let’s say that you are envious of your neighbor’s luscious, green lawn, so you decide to buy a …

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5 Legacy Technologies Still in High Demand Today

Computing technology is a long way evolved from its origins in the mid-1900s. Yet a lot of those original tools are still carrying the weight of today’s IT infrastructure. Sharon Florentine, writing for CIO.com, explains why five of these bedrock technologies still matter to the IT pro: While technology continues …

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Legacy Technology Skills Gap Looms: How to Avoid It

It’s tempting to ignore the fact that many of today’s most important industries, from airlines to banking to government and insurance, rely on aging legacy technologies based on the old COBOL programming language. As Sharon Florentine writes in a CIO.com article, if we act quickly, there is still time to …

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Are APIs the New ITIL?

From one side, as-a-service providers speak to customers in the language of APIs, while outsourcing providers speak in the language of ITIL. Like leaving one’s native country, the frustration of dealing with a new language can lead to single syllables and frantic hand gestures. Stanton Jones elaborates on this clash …

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