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3 Things to Remember When Moving to the Cloud

With all the positive hype surrounding the cloud, it is rather easy to assume that this technology is all good, without an inkling of negative drawbacks. But nothing is perfect and there will always be “cons” with every “pro.” In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores some of these …

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Constraints Broken Down in Simple Terms

Constraints can be monstrous adversaries to defeat, especially when a person does not possess the proper weapons to fight with. Writing at his blog, Ryan Ogilvie examines a few simple tactics that help execute a proper defense plan to destroy these ghastly villains. Confronting Ghouls & Ghosts Some instances may …

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ITIL Isn’t Evil, but You Are

ITIL itself isn’t evil, but those who use it incorrectly, well… As Joe the IT Guy reflects on a presentation by Colin McNamara at Interop New York, he realizes just how important it is for tools to be used as intended. And when you approach ITIL with the wrong attitude, …

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