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Can You Conduct an ITSM Assessment in 3 Days?

ITIL has oodles of value for organizations, but if you start to think of it and ITSM as two sides of the same coin, you will start to run into artificial barriers. For instance, in a post for ITSM.tools, Nikola Gaydarov describes a process by which it is possible to …

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Next-Generation IT Governance

Much like a baby in your arms compared to the child’s first day of college, IT governance is almost unrecognizable now compared to in the past. IT governance’s core values are still at its heart–alignment with strategy, controlled risk, and efficiency with IT resources–but what has changed is how these …

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3 Ways Your Shadow IT Strategy May Be Broken

Data from Symantec indicates that the average enterprise was using 928 cloud apps at the end of 2017, but CIOs are under the impression that their organizations only use between 30 and 40 cloud apps. As Arlo Gilbert notes in an article for InformationWeek, that leaves a discrepancy of nearly …

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10 Common ITSM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Service management exists to make life easier for the business, and in turn generate business value. Problems result when IT develops tunnel vision with ITSM and forgets the simple purpose underlying its use. In a post for ITSM.tools, Jaime Spector outlines 10 mistakes ITSM makes most often: Missing the mark …

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9 Lies CIOs Tell Themselves

Self-assuredness is an important quality in a leader, since nobody wants to work for someone who is indecisive or lacking confidence. But if that self-assuredness stems from lying to oneself, then it is really not any better. In an article for CIO magazine, Bob Lewis shares nine things CIOs say …

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