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The 8 Biggest IT Management Mistakes

Everyone is entitled to an off-day here and there, where you make a pretty lousy mistake. But having too many off-days is a recipe for company disaster, so make sure to space them out! In an article for CIO magazine, Dan Tynan discusses eight of the worst mistakes that happen …

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Why a Strategic IT Plan Is a CIO’s Best Asset

Without planning, there is little chance for success, and if there is success it is likely not maximized to its fullest potential. Although an end-of-year report highlights the important accomplishments of the business, it cannot satisfy all of the strategic planning requirements for the year. In an article for The …

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3 Actions to Increase Strategic Organizational Success

Strategy sets the way forward, but there are so many ways for it to be misinterpreted or mistranslated. Poor project management especially interrupts strategic value realization. In a post for Strategy Execution, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez identifies three actions that can reorient businesses to more fully make good on their strategy: Align …

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The Next-Generation IT Help Desk Is Achievable Today

Technological progress is an exciting time for all aspects of IT, not just the headline-grabbing innovations. Particularly, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and evolve the help desk. In an article for InformationWeek, Andrew Froehlich discusses the variety of new opportunities there are to expand the capabilities of your …

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The Role of Change Models in Ditching CAB

The road to building an IT organization that can get by without a change advisory board (CAB) is long and winding. Perhaps in some cases it is simply not possible. IT service management expert Greg Sanker continues seeking ways to do it though. In a post at ITSM Transition, he …

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