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The State of Enterprise Resource Planning

Introduction: What Is Enterprise Resource Planning? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software solution that handles organizational needs by integrating and monitoring multiple business functions like inventory, human resources, accounting, CRM, etc. It is a shared database that promotes communication and proper streamlining of information among different departments to reach …

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9 Things Your Service Provider Wants You to Know

Nobody is happy when IT runs into problems, especially the service providers catering to them. But there is frequently friction in these IT-provider relationships, and it often stems from miscommunication. In an article for Computerworld, Sandra Gittlen becomes the voice of service providers, sharing nine tips that the providers would …

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A 10-Year Study Reveals What Great Executives Know and Do

In an article from Harvard Business Review, Ron Carucci reveals the details of a 10-year study that closely analyzed executives and isolated the best practices they engaged in. Through the course of the study, 2,700 leadership interviews were conducted, which ultimately uncovered seven performance factors that correlated with strong leaders. …

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10 Essential Elements of Change Management

You seldom get a say in when change strikes your life, but you can at least manage how much of an impact you allow it to have. In IT, a mismanaged change can trigger outages that kill productivity and company reputation. So in an article for TechRepublic, Scott Matteson describes …

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