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The IT Industry’s 95% Problem

Chris O’Brien wrote an article entitled “Evernote’s 5% problem offers a cautionary lesson to tech companies” in which he explored how it came to light that people were only using 5 percent of Evernote’s features. In a post for the Gartner Blog Network, Brian Prentice flips this perspective into what …

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7 Keys to IT Success into the Future

IT has fundamentally evolved into a new and major source of value to businesses, but IT leaders are slow to understand how they specifically fit into this seismic change. What lampposts might guide the way for CIOs and other IT leaders to thrive and organize IT to deliver the most …

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6 Reasons Why You’re Going Wrong with ITIL

If you are a newly certified ITIL professional just itching to apply this great framework into your organization, there are some common mistakes you should be aware of. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy lays out six of these “newbie” ITIL mistakes and misconceptions: ITIL will …

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10 Ways CIOs Can Run IT like a Business

We all know by now how restrictive and damaging it can be to work in silos. However, it is possible to run a business unit like IT as if it were a business without making it a silo. In an article for InformationWeek, Craig Williams, CIO of Ciena, discusses 10 …

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