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Killing CAB with Standard Changes

Are you annoyed with the persistent Change Advisory Board (CAB)? You are not alone. It is actually seemingly more common for professionals to view CAB as a nuisance rather than a benefit. In a post for ITSM Transition, Greg Sanker explains some key ways in which to bypass CAB altogether.

Forget the CAB, We’ll Walk

All of the changes in the environment are under the authority of change management; however, that does not indicate that every change must go to CAB. As your change process grows and matures, there will actually be less of a need for CAB. Essentially, CAB is the final check for change. There are ways in which to greatly reduce the amount of change going through CAB while still making improvements.

CAB as it is now is not inherently wrong because it is ultimately adding value. As Sanker sees it, the true problem lies in the fact that all changes must be reviewed by CAB in order to implement change. CAB needs to move towards a focus that is more directed towards the quality of the entire process rather than individual changes. Results are much better indicators of quality change.

The simplest and quickest ways to reduce the number of changes CAB is bombarded with are standard changes. Standard changes are “changes that are done frequently, considered low risk and have been CAB reviewed and approved by the change manager.” Do not make the assumption that this type of change is done so frequently that it is ultimately ignored; it is just done more frequently to help handle risks. A good candidate for standard change is something that is done in daily operation, something that CAB has found issues with, or if there is a request associated with critical business function.

There are five steps to follow in order to implement standard change:

  1. Ensure good documentation for how it will be carried out.
  2. Submit the documentation to CAB as a “Request for Change.”
  3. CAB will review the standard change process.
  4. The change manager will approve or reject the standard change.
  5. The standard changes are carried out in daily operation.

Standard changes provide something important for CAB to shift their focus towards, but allows for you to keep some control. You can read the original post here:

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