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3 Things to Remember When Moving to the Cloud

With all the positive hype surrounding the cloud, it is rather easy to assume that this technology is all good, without an inkling of negative drawbacks. But nothing is perfect and there will always be “cons” with every “pro.” In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores some of these not so great aspects of the cloud. There are three elements you need to consider:

  1. Increased flexibility can mean increased concerns and costs.
  2. Look into your entire ecosystem of data and process.
  3. The impact of the cloud on CIOs and security

The cloud is often associated with increased financial flexibility, but there are still a number of risks to keep in mind. New behaviors or actions can quickly become the norm and very difficult to change. Some CIOs believe that end users become “trigger-happy” when they are given access to the cloud. Additionally, the simplistic fashion of buying on demand actually results in businesses purchasing more than they really need.

BT Business CIO Colin Lees believes that the decision of which business systems should move to the cloud is going to be closely linked with the sector of operation. Businesses need to assess further if they actually need to own this asset or not, or if they want the cloud to be public. Spending on the cloud is increasing with each passing year, as much as 28 cents each year, and this growth is happening in all areas. CIOs are now gifted with the ability to find an on-demand solution to any problem they may be faced with.

In 2016, it is now essential that any cloud service must be equipped with plug-ins that allow for the integration between different applications. These new plug-ins demand that security measures need to be more intense. In a recent survey conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance, the discovery was made that the top barrier between data loss and skilled security professionals is when businesses move to on-demand.

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