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Can You Conduct an ITSM Assessment in 3 Days?

ITIL has oodles of value for organizations, but if you start to think of it and ITSM as two sides of the same coin, you will start to run into artificial barriers. For instance, in a post for, Nikola Gaydarov describes a process by which it is possible to conduct an organizational ITSM assessment in just three days. But it is only possible when one knows how to distinguish between ITSM and ITIL.

A Service Snapshot

As Gaydarov notes, great service management is the goal, and ITIL is just one of the preferred vehicles for achieving it. A traditional ITSM assessment might look at the way every individual ITIL process is being run, which could take quite a while. But for the purposes of assessment, Gaydarov does not believe this explicit of an examination is necessary.

Rather, he focuses on the same three overall areas that ITIL does: business outcomes, preferences, and perceptions. In turn, Gaydarov proposes dedicating a day to examining each area in an organization, conducted via workshops with relevant representatives from IT and the business. On the first day, key business outcomes of service management are identified and ideally prioritized by IT. Then the group devises a mechanism to make prioritization an ongoing part of work.

On the second day, document all of your business users’ preferences—and then decide which ones actually matter out of that wide group. Build a mechanism to have ongoing prioritization of these preferences too.

On the third day, Gaydarov says to do this:

Define perception in measurable terms. Even if it’s bad, this is a great start. This task is hard, but will be the baseline for everything we do in the future, so spend some extra effort here. How can this be done? A direct way is to create a survey with predefined questions. What else can we measure to know whether our users and customers are happy? I’ll give you a hint – “appetite comes with eating.” The happier our service consumers are, the more they’ll want. So, set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your service requests. Set up a mechanism to update the perception understanding regularly.

This style of assessment is quick and must operate in broad strokes by design, but it will likely provide the snapshot of organizational ITSM that the business needs. It is a starting point.

For additional thoughts, you can view the original post here:

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