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10 Top Tips for Better Release Management

With great release management in the organization, there may not be a lot to talk about. With bad release management, there is plenty to talk about, and it is probably being talked about loudly. In a post for, Simon King shares 10 tips to improve release management and put a smile on everyone’s faces:

  1. Formulate a corporate release strategy.
  2. Review your current release management process.
  3. Create the optimal release management process.
  4. Employ the right people.
  5. Employ the right tools.
  6. Optimize test environment operations.
  7. Define the controlling activities between stages.
  8. Be transparent by engaging stakeholders.
  9. Communicate and keep communicating.
  10. Make your release metrics count.

Let It Go

Release management is too important to leave uncodified and informal. It should be incorporated into an overall corporate release strategy, complete with goals and metrics. But while you do that, you should also be reviewing the current state of release management. Do you have enough people with skills that fit needed roles—release managers, environment managers, test managers, etc.—and do you have the appropriate tools to support them? You should also identify these three elements in your release management:

  1. Process inputs. Such as IT service management (ITSM) systems, portfolio and program management (PPM) systems, quality management systems (QMSs), configuration management systems (such as configuration management databases (CMDBs)), and deployment solutions. 
  2. Key activities. For instance, release planning and coordination; the design, build, and configuration of releases; coordination of release acceptance; rollout planning; deployment-to-production coordination; and performance measurement. 
  3. Process outputs. Such as incident, change, and service level management, and service monitoring. 

The rest of King’s tips are fairly self-explanatory. But if you would like to delve deeper into the details, you can view the original post here:

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