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The New Age of AIOps in ITSM

IT service management (ITSM) is often confused and termed as the process of running the service helpdesk. It is true that ITSM tools help in automating processes and running smooth IT infrastructure. However, ITSM has a much wider perspective. When integrated with IT operations management (ITOM), ITSM serves as the core platform for many critical infrastructure functions like event management. In this article at ITSM Tools, the author, Andy Rae clarifies how it would be wrong on the business front to treat ITSM and ITOM separately.

A well-structured ITSM framework can track the status of all the business applications, processes, and services. By integrating this information with ITOM, any enterprise can generate real-time business insights and intelligence. For instance, the real benefit of such a framework can be seen during change management. If you have a well-integrated ITSM event management platform then you are more likely to be prepared to overturn the non-critical events even before they hit the workflow. Therefore, you can save the wastage of productive time and boost the service quality by focusing on real events only.


The Rise of AIOps

The integrated function of ITSM and ITOM stated in the above scenario is nowadays termed as Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Operations (AIOps). A recent study by Gartner believes that the adoption rate of AIOps is likely to rise to 40 percent by 2022. AIOps uses the concept of machine learning to understand and monitor the historical trends, combine the information from multiple sources and use them to deliver high-value business visions.


Real-Time Benefits

AIOps can enhance IT operations to a great extent. Here are some scenarios that indicate the same:

  • With the help of machine learning, AIOps can predict the event trends that could give rise to critical issues. Such predictions could be used to counter these events before they occur.
  • AIOps intelligence can understand the business influence of an event and accordingly prioritize it to manage the workflow.
  • Root-cause analysis of service issues is another potential benefit of AIOps. Such analysis can be used to rectify the events that cause service issues.


How to Get on The Right Track?

Here are some critical steps that could help you realize the benefits of AIOps:

  • Stop using numerous monitoring tools. Set-up a renewed and integrated event management framework that could perform all the monitoring functions and has a strong built-in AIOps feature.
  • Renovate your ITSM solution by establishing a single unified system that could generate business intelligence.
  • Integrate ITSM and ITOM. This could be a costly affair. So, instead, look for solutions that are already connected.

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