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How to be an Effective Service Catalog Manager?

Enhancing customer experience is one of the top priorities for IT organizations nowadays. However, to beat the cutting-edge competition and stay ahead of the game, it is essential to have a well-defined IT service catalog. An IT service catalog comprises the entire range of business services offered by the organization. It can be a valuable asset for showcasing the innovative business results delivered by the IT department. In this article at, Joe shares some effective habits to be inculcated by IT Managers that could help in deriving the best customer value from service catalogs.

The Finest Habits

Here are some best practices that ensure efficient service delivery to customers:

Alter Your Outlook

If you wish to have a well-defined service catalog, then shift your focus from technology to customers. Though attention towards technology is important, yet service delivery is all about enhancing the end-user experience. Thus, emphasize on the service workflow and customer needs primarily. These are mission-critical attributes for your business.

Understand Your Customer

Realize your customer’s expectations in terms of a service catalog. This can help you document the requirements better and interpret the thought process of the customer.

Structure Your Strategy

Dedicate proper time and prepare a plan with a well-defined scope. Clarity about service goals is essential for delivering a quality package. Else, you are likely to face scope creep soon. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your capabilities as an IT service management firm.

Focus on the Service Aspects

Pay more attention to the service offerings rather than the technical aspects of hardware or software. In the end, the customer would only worry about the quality of service, not the technical failures that you faced. Apply the same methodology while creating the service catalog.

Ensure Consistency

Follow a streamlined approach to document your information. Begin with the basic details of all services. Capture the service name, description, defined KPIs, features, support framework, and paybacks in a consistent manner.

Manage the Viewpoints

Try and provide customized viewing options based on specific catalog needs. These are the three essential viewing choices:

  • Business service catalog – comprising details of IT service offerings, the associated business units, and processes.
  • Technical service catalog – comprising the interlinking support & shared functions, components, and the configuration items required to provide the services.
  • Service request catalog – comprising the service details that users require while making their buying decisions.

Be Productive

Now that you have taken care of the tough part, it is time to implement the service catalog at ground level. Put it into action and encourage people to use it through incentives. It should become the easiest accessible option for people to log the service requests.

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