The Internal Benefits of a Customer Experience Program

The external benefits reaped from establishing a customer experience program are typically easy to see. What often takes a little closer of an analysis is to see how these programs can positively impact the internal environment as well. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, CIO Cynthia Stoddard shares some ways that a customer experience program benefited NetApp IT internally.

Finding Learning Opportunities

The first internal benefit from a customer experience program is that IT can become an integral part of the product design cycle. IT has the opportunity to experience these products before they are marked complete, and they are able to offer feedback. IT can additionally play the role of the customer and ask questions that a typical customer might have. For example, IT could ask, “What would the reaction to this be?” This can help the business better anticipate how to adapt the product for the best customer experience.

When all departments in the business are focused on bettering the customer experience, communications internally tend to run more smoothly. IT can act as a focal group and illustrate to the business how the technology works in a real environment.

Utilizing a customer experience program has helped NetApp IT to better align with their business priorities. When the product is adopted and used internally, IT can better see why this product is a priority, which is important for the product’s success. Furthermore, understanding the products can help to inspire better recommendations for the future.

It is important to be transparent about how products are used internally. This is a wonderful means of illustrating to customers why they should also choose to utilize your services.

Customer experience programs have important benefits both internally and externally, and IT can be a major player in this. You can read the original article here:

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