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Top 13 Approaches IT Service Desks Use Now

When it comes to IT service desk operations, organizations use various methods and frameworks to improve processes. However, there is a constant urge to find out the best among them. In this article at Joe the IT Guy, Joe discusses what the North American service desks use to deliver top results.

The Trending 13

Majority of the organizations use ITSM methodologies that suit their geographical location, organizational structure and protocols, and the industry they cater to. However, as per a recent HDI report, “2017 Technical Support Practices & Salary Report,” North American companies use the following methodologies or tools more.

1.    The 5 ITIL Lifecycle Stages

ITIL is a guidebook that consists of standards that can be used in a service lifecycle to watch out for the quality of services, procedures, functions, etc. It also has guidelines as per industry, enterprise size, business model, and technology platform.

2.    HDI Support Center Best Practices

A regionally accepted format, HDI’s Support Center Standard is a set of best practices that aim to provide a better structure for the North American service desks.

3.    Knowledge-Centered Service for Managing Information

It is a set of best practices that you can refer to while composing and maintaining knowledge on a daily basis.

4.    Microsoft Operations IT-Business Alignment

This is an open-source technique that helps organizations to align business with IT. By implementing MOF, you can understand how to enhance IT services without overshooting the allocated budget.

5.    ISO 9000 Quality Standards

This series of quality management structures enforce control over your products and services so that you are consistently delivering value to end users and stakeholders.

6.    ISO/IEC 20000, the International Standard

Initially based on the ITSM framework, it is an international standard that is compatible with MOF and COBIT.

7.    Capability Maturity Model Integration for Performance Management

This model analyzes processes to understand the level of efficiency your organization has gained over the years in terms of services.

8.    Lean Techniques

Popular among IT professionals for enhancing productivity, Lean is a methodology that finds out how you can make optimal use of available resources by minimizing wasted efforts.

9.    Customer-Centric Total Quality Management

Meant for the management, this approach analyzes functions and processes in an organization that need to be optimal for service delivery excellence.

10.  Six Sigma Processes

This technique enhances service quality by looking out for glitches in processes and eliminating any deviations.

11.  The Kaizen Cleansing

It is a continuous improvement program that is applicable in all levels of organization, irrespective of corporate hierarchy, functions, processes.

12.  COBIT Governance

This set of best practices are directed towards governing and managing the IT framework of your company.

13.  Coming of Age with Process Maturity Framework

You can use PMF to understand the maturity level of some or all the processes in your IT company.

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