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10 IT Basics That Business Managers Need to Know

From your computer at work to brushing your teeth, technology has managed to permeate almost every aspect of human life. It has become essential for everyone to understand some basics about technology, even those outside of IT. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares 10 of the most pertinent concepts every manager should know about IT:

  1. Defining how new technology can help
  2. How to work with IT vendors
  3. Understanding what IT truly does
  4. How to handle security issues
  5. How to use devices effectively
  6. How to protect technology
  7. Developing basic reports
  8. Understanding IT services
  9. Understanding basic tech-talk
  10. Understanding how technology aligns with the business

Learning and Aligning

Unfortunately, it is too common that when there is a new application, IT is left on its own to make it work. When other managers are able to verbalize what business problems exist, IT can use technology to help resolve the issues.

Today, almost every department in a business will work with IT vendors at some point. Before they become too invested and make commitments, business managers need to understand their current relations with IT vendors, along with any legal obligations.

In many settings, businesses view IT as a hindrance rather than a benefit. When there is a better working relationship and acknowledgment of the work IT does, better results will prevail. There are likely a plethora of IT services available that business managers are simply unaware of. Business managers need to be aware of what is offered and how to use it to help make their job more efficient. Furthermore, while business managers are looking at their strategic plans, they should take into account IT’s plans. This helps to reinforce the relationship between IT and the business-level executives.

Even a minute security threat can cause problems. Business managers should be educated about the impact of using unauthorized websites and other potential harms. Likewise, the time has come for all employees to get up to speed on the myriad devices available to them, from laptops to tablets, and how to use them effectively for work. Business managers should be made aware of how to protect their technology and consume less energy. Computers should not be left on all night, nor should they be neglected in a hot, dusty corner.

Regarding reporting, there are some reports that are highly complex and should be done by IT, but there are basic reports that business managers can handle. The difference should be distinguished. And lastly, the world of IT has abandoned full phrases and embraced acronyms. Business managers should at least understand the most basic terms so they can communicate with IT.

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