6 Ways to Become an IT Talent Magnet

What are CIOs looking for when they hire new individuals? In an article for InformationWeek, Dan Roberts explores the six tips that make a candidate highly attractive to CIOs. A Gartner study surveyed 2,944 CIOs, and these respondents identified that their greatest obstacle is talent. Those at Ouellette & Associates developed a model to address this problem. “TALENT” is an acronym that was created to help IT better recruit and retain talented individuals:

  1. Transparency and clarity
  2. Analytics
  3. Learning agility
  4. Employee engagement
  5. Navigating internal mobility
  6. Talent brand

A Knack for Talent

T. Everyone, no matter how far along they are in their career, desires clarity about where they are headed. They seek to understand how their value helps the business. This can be addressed by simply stating your objectives and future mission goals.

A. At the heart of IT development are analytics about people. Analytics help to develop strategies and workforce planning. Everyone within the organization should be able to assess themselves personally against the business’s core competencies.

L. Most leaders understand the importance of continuous learning and encourage their employees to explore new intellectual avenues. The best way to continually encourage this is to create a framework that enables learning, such as workshops, and allowing for employees to take personal responsibility for their learning.

E. Although team building is important to employee motivation, what is a larger determinant of success is the day-to-day environment. Employees who are bored are disengaged, which costs the company. Leaders may find that regularly meeting with employees to discuss their development and potential progression in the company will keep their employees motivated.

N. IT is an industry that is notorious for a lack of internal career growth. When employees cannot see a future with their current employer, they will look elsewhere to further their career.

T. All six of the previous aspects make up the talent brand. Your brand defines you and will ultimately determine who you attract and retain.

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