Communication Strategy Will Establish IT as a Partner

Communication is essential to having healthy working relationships, and this is especially true in the business world. When one facet of the business makes decisions without consulting anyone else, there are problems. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Michael Mundrane elaborates on the importance of the business and IT communicating often and well.

What happens when IT makes decisions or starts a new project without letting everyone in on the secret? According to Mundrane, when IT finally reveals what they have been working on they are often met with a lot of confusion or opposition. To avoid these ill feelings, there should be open communication long before changes even occur. Communication throughout the process allows for stakeholders to share their concerns and offer suggestions to improve it.

At Mundrane’s company, they recently moved their email and calendaring from a local environment to the cloud. This big change was communicated well with the entire company so that everyone could see the big picture from day one. They began with the high-level executives so they could work out any kinks in the transition and ensure everything would run smoothly for everyone else. IT additionally had a great deal of transparency during this process. Throughout the entire journey, people offered their feedback, which ultimately helped to improve the entire process.

When IT is more transparent and open about their projects, people are better able to see what is going on and offer their feedback and opinions earlier in the game. People want their voice to be heard, even if ultimately their ideas are not executed.

IT is a technical area, but having the technical skills is no longer enough. IT needs to additionally focus more on people skills and making everyone’s voice heard. IT having more transparency not only results in less opposition from the business, but it shows the business all of the good IT truly does.

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