Perennial Issues Faced by IT Leaders

Innovative technology is an area that is dependent upon constant evolution and change, and for IT leaders they need to be able to adapt to these changes and respond accordingly. However, there are some issues that arise every year without fail. In an article for CIO Insight, D.P. Morrissey elaborates on these perennial issues: users that compromise security, maximizing IT budgets to deliver value, and delivering business expectations.

More Money, Same Problems

IT and technology have the potential to help the business grow in efficiency and have increased revenue, if they maximize value. Businesses want great results in faster and faster time frames. According to Jonathan Murray, a former CIO of Warner Music Group, what is the most important focus for IT is to deliver value and not get hung up on the numbers. Because of the move towards the cloud, IT now has more time and resources to devote to more tasks that will deliver value, like delivering richer analytics.

The digital disruption is a wave that will inevitably crash upon every industry. This means that every industry can benefit from insight to prepare for this rampant change in production.

Security is a concern for every business, and the best way to tackle this is to have best practices. Having established best practices greatly helps to illustrate to all employees the consequences of being careless online. Employees need to be trained on how to best comply with security rules, and these rules and regulations need to be enforced always.

CIOs need to meet the basic technology needs first before they can progress forward and deliver real value. Individuals who fail to meet the most basic needs run the risk of never growing with their business or transforming with the times. According to CIO of Florida State Chris Markham, CIOs need to have a balance of run, grow, and transform in order to deliver the best results.

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