5 Tips to Successfully Implement IT Modernization

IT leaders need to be able to take on a myriad of new strategies as their power in the business increases ever upward. In a slideshow for IT Business Edge, Mark Lewis, CEO of Formation Data Systems, shares how to successfully plan for IT modernization. There are five things that IT leaders need to prioritize in order to make IT modernization successful:

  1. Mobilize
  2. Automate
  3. Measure and monitor
  4. Address vulnerabilities
  5. Implement in phases.

People use mobile devices every day, whether it be for their own personal amusement or to help them do better at their job. This can cause new and different security risks that IT leaders need to be aware of and learn to combat against. Additionally, the influx of data use means leaders will need to ensure their data infrastructure can handle the traffic.

There are some processes that can easily be automated, which will free up IT’s time and resources. Automation needs to be backed by enforced policies and standards.

Before anything can take place, the team must agree on the infrastructure. Agreement will help to create standards that can then be easily monitored and measured throughout use. Consistent monitoring with measuring standards is essential.

Before any IT leader introduces new technology into the business, they need to be aware of any potential vulnerabilities that this may create. A pertinent aspect of this is to analyze the data life cycle in order to make sure that any data can be recovered in the event of a failure.

It is important for an organization to implement a new project in phases, rather than something that is done all at once. Phases allow for trial and error, as well as time for the team to get comfortable with the new way of doing things. Select areas that could most benefit from more agile processes and implement there first, using successes garnered as a pattern to repeat elsewhere.

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