5 Ways Leaders Can Win Over External Stakeholders

Leaders excel in conducting meetings with their internal stakeholders. However, when it comes to directing a meeting with the external shareholders, the majority of them feel anxious. Even after a thorough research about the client company, you cannot predict which course the meeting will take. In this article at CIO, Jordan French narrates how leaders can win over external stakeholders.

5 Tips Leaders Can Use for Stakeholder Buy-ins

Before meetings, leaders study the potential client intently. They pitch a proposal based on the common interests, shared corporate values, and group demographics. You also prepare a plan B to prevent disapproval. Following are the ways leaders can be successful in convincing external stakeholders:

  1. Always Go Equipped: Whether leaders are meeting them in the comforts of their company or going over to theirs, they should prepare. Confidence sips in when you are equipped with all your points and answer validations to all possible queries. Learn to track the vibe of stakeholders. Talk to them casually to understand their areas of interest before starting the meeting. This will help you direct the conversation towards a positive outcome later. Stakeholders will appreciate it if you mention your meeting agenda at the beginning.
  2. When in Rome, Talk Like the Romans: They will pay attention when you touch upon a topic they want to hear and in their language. As per business coach and author Jack Spain, you must communicate the way they prefer. Listen to how they converse amongst themselves and incorporate that style into your presentation.
  3. Engage Cost-Effectively via Webinars: Leaders used to go to client sites to pitch a proposal. With digital advancements, you can establish initial relationships digitally. When the deal is finalized between the parties, you can meet the clients in person. This saves costs for both the parties. SUBWAY Russia used webinars to train existing and new customers. You can use webinars to effectively deliver your points and without incurring costs to the company.
  4. Always Keep in Touch: Your presentation has caught their attention and talks are in favor of the proposal. However, you can count this meeting as successful when you get the project. Record the meeting and send it to all participants. Even if they have promised to have another meeting soon, you must follow up. Leaders should not think that they are the only ones pitching ideas to these stakeholders. If they have assigned some initial assignments, regularly follow up with the team and update this to your prospective clients. Always keeping in touch would help them realize your commitment.
  5. Involve Your Team: Majority of the leaders forget the fact that it is the team that is going to finally work on the project. Let them know what is coming their way if the external stakeholders like your pitch. This also will help to create a plan and start the project faster, much to the delight of your new client.

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