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Are Your IT Services Creating Value? 4 Steps to Measure Them

To know if IT services are creating value for your company, you need to measure it. It is a daunting task as you can measure value only if it is specific to the business. Moreover, it is easier to measure service desk values by measuring the positive and negative values of the activities. In this article at, Aale Roos discusses how you can measure IT services in 4 easy steps.

4 Ways You Can Measure IT Services

The service desk has clearly, defined tasks that can derive positive values. However, it is easier to note down the negative aspects. The traditional ITSM is more IT and system-specific and do not focus on the customer experience. Rather than measuring system downtime, service desk must concentrate on understanding the areas where customers face problems the most. This would reduce the risk of those problems happening again. However, values of IT services cannot be realized with improper management and unfocussed staff activities. So, below are the ways you can measure IT services:

  1. Committee to Report Lost Time: Set up a committee that would report the time a customer has lost for IT issues. It can be daily or weekly in a quarter.
  2. Customer Surveys to Report Problems: Create surveys that would allow the customers to share their side of the You will also get to know how much they have lost due to the problems in IT services. You do not have to be specific about this. An impromptu survey will do.
  3. Estimate Time Loss Through Tickets: This is difficult to measure since the majority of customers call the service desk when their systems are completely down.
  4. Approaching the Customers Directly: You can directly ask your customers how valuable they find your IT services. This might not be measurable but would help to get IT management approval on IT services later.

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