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Ways to Make IT More Responsive to the Business

Does IT zig when it should zag? Does it stumble over itself? Does it not move at all? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels talks to experts to determine which business models are best in adapting to strategic needs.

Models for Success

One thing CIOs should do is think about business models as a platform for future development, as opposed to merely a security blanket for keeping things in line. Models should emphasize projects that could lead to disruption. Along those same lines, IT should move not just with speed but with purpose. Many IT endeavors are not merely about improving IT anymore; services often are expected to scale to serve the business as a whole. CIOs need to be able to keep track of the many dimensions of factors at play in how IT works.

Ego is more often the enemy of progress than the catalyst, so CIOs would do well not to get too hung up on which business partners are managing given elements of digital strategy. It takes a village anyway, and nobody can proceed with any type of digital transformation unassisted. CIOs must also promote within IT that change will be the norm moving forward:

[Travis Perkins CIO Neil Pearce] says he is trying to promote that kind of adaptable approach within his IT department. His aim is to create a business model with in-built agility. “That’s why we talk of changing IT through evolution and the business has to be set up to use technology to evolve continuously,” he says.

“The days of creating a rigid structure simply don’t work in modern organisations. But you have to get people to understand the nature of change you’re planning to implement. Create a culture that helps your people to understand that change is now just a constant.”

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