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How to Grow a Business Enabler Mindset in IT

We’re using “smart” to describe new innovations in technology, like smart cars, smartphones, and all sorts of other products. But we need to start using the word to describe how we approach the business side of IT. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Brian Beams explains how to grow a business enabler mindset in IT.

Enabling Business

Beams starts off by stating how you need to lead a culture of business enablers:

[IT’s end-to-end] view gives us a unique perspective to really understand where the pain points, touch points, and critical elements are within the business. So, from a culture standpoint, we need people who are change agents and business enablers.

In other words, I don’t want someone who is an expert in IoT. I want someone who’s an expert in logistics, supply chain, demand planning, etc., to be able to intelligently discuss: “How might IoT solve the problems that are unique to our business? How might this streamline our process, shorten our product cycles, allow us to do a better job at demand planning, allow us to do a better job of managing how we build our product?” That’s where the business value lies.

You also need to focus on how you can build credibility IT has in the company. This basically entails taking tried and true aspects of IT and reframing them so the business side of things can better understand and appreciate it. When the business understands what IT can and does do, IT can scale those activities to assist the business more directly, such as with operational risk management. You can also build up your credibility by hiring the right people to build upon business strategies for future.

For further thoughts and examples, you can view the original article here:

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