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As the CIO Rises, Does the CDO Fall?

It wasn’t all that long ago that everyone thought they had a handle on things before new business models, emerging technologies, and digital sprung up. CIOs are on the rise and are pivotal in balancing operations and moving the company forward. What about the much-touted CDO role though? In an article for ZDNet, Matthew Guarini uses data from Forrester to take the position that CIOs are capable of managing digital without a CDO.

CIOs Edge in on CDOs

As emerging technology spending is now marked in trillions of dollars annually, the focus has shifted towards using talent creatively and in engaging ways. Data from Forrester shares a multitude of ways that CIOs will work with and benefit from these changes–perhaps at the expense of CDO relevance. A modern trend is the digital business platform, which all companies will either build, deliver through, or a combination of the two. CIOs have to be able to coordinate the underlying technologies with the suppliers in order to manage their digital business platforms. They would do this through cloud services and open source software, in addition to building APIs and microservices.

As CIOs gain more experience with agile and DevOps, they will have the necessary skills to improve their customer service. In the current customer-centric culture, these CIOs will be able to further strengthen business and technology relationships within their respective companies. Through this continued success, the CIO will be able to show off their worth to other CXOs and place themselves in a more comfortable position as time goes on.

Guarini says CIOs can strengthen their positions even further when they consider what they can learn from venture capitalists:

VCs make money when their portfolio companies deliver successful products and solutions and CIOs can learn a lot from them. As CIOs realize the potential in 2018, their first step will be to adopt a portfolio management approach to tracking, testing and implementing new technologies across an array of technologies and use cases. A second step for CIOs will be to leverage innovation ecosystems. Last, CIOs will leverage these technologies to support major shifts in their business models like subscription models, platforms, and prediction.

Do CIOs need a CDO to take some of the load off, or they can really run the show themselves? It’s a question businesses have to answer individually. You can view the original article here:

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