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Why IT Service Desk Must Improve Employee Experience Too

To ride the digital wave, IT service desk must improve employee experience too. When you provide a safe and updated work environment, employees are more satisfied with their jobs. This allows them to handle services smoothly leading to an improved customer experience. In this article at Service Desk Show, Sumit De discusses why IT service desk must improve employee experience too.

Serving the Servers at the Service Desk

The employee now wants to work more independently at the comfort of their home. So, the IT service desk must enable BYOD culture to benefit both the employees and the company. Though you cannot implement all the steps together, here are the 6 ways you can achieve it:

  1. Must-Needed Team Soft Skills: Today’s IT service desk handles more than just tickets. The employees must also know the applications that could improve customer experience and the associated security policies. So, the IT service desk should be approachable to customers through platforms like WhatsApp and be knowledgeable about people management.
  2. Work Independence: Though your consumers can avail IT service desk facilities from anywhere in the world, your employees cannot. Security and data breaches are the main concerns. To make this possible, why do not you set up self-service portals that can address several FAQs? The IT service desk agents can breathe easy and devote time to more complicated issues.
  3. Measuring In-house Service Experience: The best way to improve customer experience is by taking feedback from the customers themselves. A typical star-rating at the end of an IT service desk calls can give you an idea. However, you can use SLAs and XLAs to measure in-house experience on a broader scale. You can also share the feedback reports with the customers to maintain transparency.
  4. Deploying a Manager: A Customer Satisfaction Manager will exclusively concentrate on what the employees have to say about their experience. No budget to hire a new employee? Assign the role to one of your IT service desk agents.
  5. Let BYOD with Caution: Allow employees to bring their own devices but ensure they know what you can support should there be a need. They should know that the company is lenient enough to allow personal devices but do not have the bandwidth to cater to all.
  6. Including the IT Service Desk Agents: When you are planning to facilitate the in-house employees, include your IT service agents too. Remember, they too should get the facilities along with the in-house employees.

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