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Rethinking IT Automation to Deliver New Levels of Business Value

IT automation has scored lots of little wins for IT already, particularly in simple arenas like that of password resets. But there are higher, more valuable fruits on the tree still to pick. A post from SITS discusses the potential for automation to unlock new forms of value for the business, which will in turn position IT as a key partner in setting strategy into the future.

The Wider Perspective

In the view of Ivanti’s Matthew Hooper, much of IT’s efforts toward automation are focused on making “life easier for IT.” This is ostensibly alright in the very beginning, but IT must look beyond itself. Hooper points to onboarding as an area that would greatly benefit the business. The article continues with this:

… massive oversights such as ignoring onboarding happen because IT has a dangerously narrow view of what we mean by ‘process’. This is because a reductive view of process has been built into the culture of IT service management. The best practice framework ITIL has played a major role in defining this culture.

The concepts and processes ITIL describes are all very valid and valuable. It’s an indisputable fact that ITIL processes have helped IT become more organized and structured.  ITIL has saved countless hours ‘reinventing the wheel’ because it offers such a powerful, logical starting point for developing IT processes. But the problem is it talks almost exclusively about… IT processes. And when we’re thinking in terms of IT process automation, there’s a much bigger picture to consider.

To make automation work outside of IT, engineers need to consider customer needs and the customer experience and then work backwards on how to deliver the goods. Users have higher expectations now than they did in past, mostly because technology is not as inherently mystifying as it used to be. More people have more access to more intuitive technology, and so IT needs to do more to earn its keep. IT has to deliver genuine innovation.

For a longer discussion, you can view the original post here:

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