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6 Back-to-Basics Steps to a More Efficient Service Desk

The IT service desk is the measure of a business’s maturity and intelligence. Without a service desk, a company easily finds itself trapped in futile practices where it keeps creating and delivering services or products that customers don’t need. In order to constantly enhance the two-way communication process, and become more ethical and strategic in doing business, the service desk needs to be improved. In a post for, Elzette Wilkinson suggests six steps to become a more efficient service desk:

  1. Perform honest assessment
  2. Listen mindfully
  3. Improve customer service skills
  4. Streamline your knowledge base
  5. Invest in the proper tools for the job
  6. Strive for continuous improvement

Build a Solid Bridge

The IT service desk functions as a bridge connecting two different worlds—the closed building where business activities are planned, and the open space where they take place. Therefore, it’s important that you assess the performance of your service desk to see the strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and delivery strategies that need to be changed of the company. Pay attention to customer feedback, and work toward a higher level of customer and employee satisfaction, not forgetting to fulfill business goals. You can conduct surveys, interviews, or other traditional methods, not excluding meeting in person, to listen to complaints, comments, and compliments from the service desk. They represent your target audience and give you a sense of the reality of how your products/services fit.

While it’s crucial to have tech skills to work with ITSM tools, your service desk needs advanced customer service skills and qualities such as friendliness, responsiveness, patience, and empathy to communicate with customers via email or on the telephone. Customers are typically not your colleagues or stakeholders, and you need a different approach to connect with them to really make a difference. To facilitate the job of service desk people, provide them with proper tools. Seek out tools that offer more capabilities to help your service desk function; industry trade shows are a good place to search.

Wilkinson goes on to discuss the steps in maintaining continuous improvement:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Plan by setting specific, attainable goals
  • Execute changes
  • Review the changes, and assess whether or not they were successful

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to continuous improvement, so experiment with a few different methods to discover the best fit for your management style and organizational needs.

Better service is just around the corner. You can view the original post here:

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