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Choose the Correct ITSM Tool on the First Go: 7 Tips

Admit it, any ITSM tool is costly. You must be careful in the selection process to prevent making costly mistakes. In this article at Service Desk Show, Steve Morgan shares 7 tips to choose the correct ITSM tool on the first go.

Tips to Select a Suitable ITSM Tool

Experienced companies too make mistakes in ITSM tool selections. If you are a first-timer, you are more prone to making a bad investment. So, how do you go about it? Following are the 7 tips to choose the correct ITSM tool on the first go:

  1. Scope Definition: Understand the scope you want the ITSM tool to fulfill for you. Know what you want it to do for you—log tickets, automate workflows, or reset passwords.
  2. Expectation Setting: Identify the features it has and plan your expectations accordingly. All tools do not have the same features.
  3. Requirements Definition: Discuss the requirements with your stakeholders. The list will include requirements on what the ITSM tool can do and how it should work within your company.
  4. Demonstrations: Select a set of tools and ask for demonstrations or trials. Ensure that the demonstration satisfies your requirements.
  5. Ranking Factors: Rank each service provider based on how close their ITSM tool is to your requirements. You will be able to understand how much you can expect from it.
  6. Bargaining It Right: Before throwing or accepting any quotes, take into account your growth plans, usage, and roles. The ITSM tool must serve you for 3 to 5 years.
  7. Tool Configuration: Ask your peers to recommend a service provider that would configure the ITSM tool as per the requirements. Instead of creating a duplicate of the old system, set up the new tool based on the updated requirements. You wanted to change the old ITSM tool for a reason.

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