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3 Tips to Begin with Enterprise Service Management

IT service management is so chock-full of good ideas that its principles can be successfully applied elsewhere. Thus, enterprise service management came into being. Implementing such a thing in your organization is necessarily a big undertaking though. So in a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy shares three tips to get started:

  1. Self-assess IT’s processes.
  2. Look for quick improvement opportunities in other lines of business.
  3. Build an enterprise service management roadmap.

The Big Rollout

If IT is being tasked with spreading its knowledge to other departments, IT had better first ensure that it knows what it is talking about. Toward that end, Joe says to review your processes (ideally annually, in fact). Consider processes’ simplicity and whether they have matured to a level that is worth replicating across the business. Decide if the language used to describe processes is general enough to be comprehensible outside IT. Likewise, determine if other departments have analogous triggers, inputs, and outputs to make good use of processes. In general, you want to look at if processes have been streamlined to a point where they can survive being removed from an IT context.

In order to provide fast service improvements to other lines of business, the easiest thing you can do is just ask people in other departments about the challenges they are facing. If there are problems of effort duplication or paperwork piling up, work with the business to apply a service process that alleviates the issue. Show them how much difference a formal and perhaps digitized process can make.

Lastly, the enterprise service management roadmap you build needs to be transparent and durable enough to resist scope creep. Joe provides some varied suggestions on how to begin the actual implementation:

  • In phases, for example tackling each department sequentially or delivering an important capability across all lines of business first, such as self-service for example.
  • To departments that are in need first, for example teams with pain points that can be fixed as a quick win.
  • By using a pilot approach – the cherry picking of opportunities from within “friendly” departments is a low-risk way to ease into enterprise service management.
  • An all-at-once in a big bang approach – it’s the riskiest plan but also the option that will give you the biggest and most visible benefits quicker.

You can view the original post here:

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