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Self-Service Success: 5 Big Tips

Self-service is pretty great. It decreases the amount of work on your service desk and increases their job satisfaction as well. It’s a win for the service desk and the customer when everything goes smoothly. To succeed though, there are some pro tips to follow. In a post for SITS, Lena Stormvinge describes five areas for focus for creating a successful self-service implementation:

  1. Findability
  2. Completeness
  3. Access
  4. Navigation
  5. Marketing

Self-Service with a Smile

One key to great self-service is knowing it exists and being able to find it. Nothing should be more than a click away, and everything should be easy to use. Structure each template to be easily used and ensure the content is constantly being used and updated. Stormvinge stresses below a plan on how to go about the completeness of your content:

Your customers want to know what you know, as soon as you know it. How quickly can you have knowledge visible for your customers? The goal is to have most of what we know available for self-service within 90 minutes (based on the 90/90 rule from KCS). While the 90/90 rule might seem to be a bit provocative, the primary enabler to self-service success is volume and speed. Knowledge is time sensitive, and customers expect to find answers when using self-service. A good self-service solution can solve up to ten times the number of level-one cases.

The access to this information should also be a driving force of self-service. Having good integration, such as FAQs to other access points, and monitoring customer response are some easy ways to increase access for your audience. Similarly, navigation should be fairly easy to use and shouldn’t contain “dead-ends.” Dead-ends are instances where the users have to go back to the very beginning to resume work on their content. Finally, Stormvinge stresses that any good self-service needs a marketing plan. Everyone won’t flock to the service immediately, so drumming up some interest and support is a good way to go about this.

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