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11 Insightful Statistics Reveal Futuristic ITSM Trends

To understand upcoming ITSM trends and thrive, service professionals must keep a tab on what is happening across the world. SysAid and ran a worldwide survey and 339 professionals responded. In this article at Service Desk Show, Jade Kahn shares the 11 insightful statistics that reveal the future ITSM trends.

ITSM Trends: Analyzing the Future Path

The survey covered a wide range of areas to find out ITSM trends that the professionals can utilize to their advantage. Following are the 11 insightful statistics:

The IT Association: 84% of the respondents expect to work in IT to get tougher in the next 3 years. This trend compels 75% of professionals to think that management does not recognize their hard work.

Technological Advancement: While 9% use robots for IT management, 45% are not thinking of using them for the next 12 months. The ITSM trend of thinking AI as the job killer has gone down from 16% in 2017 to 9% today.

Best Practices: 27% of respondents will use the same best practices. 23% think that the increase in variations of best practices has confused them. Moreover, companies are decreasing the inclusion of service professionals in DevOps activities, from 13% in 2017 down to 6% today.

Service Delivery: 25% of ITSM professionals think their company meets employee service expectations better than customer-centric companies. While 28% feel they are on the same level as other companies, 40% think they are behind. In fact, 75% of the professionals that do not follow best practices believe they perform better than customer-centric companies.

Working on Enterprise Service Management: Two-thirds of the respondents found that their companies are working towards implementing an enterprise service management strategy. This is one of the ITSM trends that can increase the use of ITSM tools for various functions and processes.

Based on these ITSM trends, it can be said that ITSM professionals have more work cut out for them. Since organizations are increasingly becoming dependent on technology, they are going to address more tickets. Though automation and AI will come to their rescue, ITSM professionals still need to look after the complex matter.

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