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5 Ways to Mitigate Data Breaches and Cyber Threats This Year

With laws like GDPR becoming more stringent regarding data breaches and cyberattacks, it is time to upgrade your security. The cyber criminals are attacking with better tools, so you would also want to stay prepared. Director Steve Watkins provides 5 ways to mitigate data breaches and cyber threats in this IT Governance Blog article.

Mitigation Plans for Data Breaches and Cyber Threats

Companies can lose their customer base if they encounter data breaches frequently. Consumers are aware of their rights and concerned about their online privacy more than ever. Following are the 5 ways you can mitigate breaches and cyber threats this year:

Patch Management: To avoid breaches have a patch management program in place. The team will update proprietary software and applications as and when needed. Also, conduct vulnerability and penetration tests to identify risk areas.

Spread Awareness First: Majority of the companies implement technologies and then train people. A Ponemon Institute study reveals that most of the breaches are caused by human mistakes. Employees that are unaware of phishing emails will put the entire organization at risk by clicking on malicious links. Train employees to prevent breaches rather than plan for reactive measures.

Assess Risks and Gaps in Security: The best way to address data breaches is to have a plan for it earlier. Identify the areas vulnerable to data breaches and create this plan. Assign a risk owner and create communication channels for employees, vendors, and security teams.

Establish Best Practices: Create a structure that everyone associated with the company will follow. These best practices will help mitigate several breaches, if everyone follows it diligently.

Have a Compliance Strategy: Let all parties follow standard protocols to avoid being questioned by international lawmakers. As per the Ponemon Institute survey, 55% of respondents believe that the top management should lead the information security program. These leaders should also be committed to it to inspire others.

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