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Sustainability Approach: Clear the Roadblocks

In a bid to revitalize their business moves, many organizations are taking sustainability as a strategic business imperative. It is an effective way of making liable business moves that impact and anticipate external influences.

In this article at Canadian Lawyer, Melissa Kennedy explains the concept of sustainability for an organization and how embedding this approach into the business operations and culture may prove beneficial.

The Merits

Strategic focus on sustainability will help in creating new opportunities for the organization. It brings transparency to the process of the work while giving a fair progress report. Therefore, developing a comprehensive strategy is critical to ensure that you are meeting your business objectives and driving change in the organization for good.

  1. Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder engagement is key to sustainability and can help in gaining insights into issues that would never come to light otherwise. The stakeholder’s involvement will help in avoiding blind spots. This really does not mean the involvement of external stakeholders only. Even internal stakeholder’s involvement ensures that your sustainability strategy is appropriate. Employees being the sustainability icons, their involvement in the process will bring you closer to the sustainability goals and progress.
  2. Regulatory &Policy Monitoring: Government regulation and public policy play a major role in the sustainability approach of an organization. Therefore, it is essential to connect with the public affairs team together information on upcoming government commitments and proposed legislation. This may help you gain influencing the position and improving your business approach.
  3. Importance of Social Issues: Irrespective of the business goals, issues pertaining to social injustice and inequality are a priority for stakeholders. They are keen to know about your business activities aiming to address social issues like human rights, gender inequality, and CSR activities. Therefore, organizations must integrate their sustainability commitments to focus on diversity.
  4. Bold Attempt: Have ambitious goals that set the bar high and separate your organization from the competition. The most effective sustainability leaders have a clear vision and desire to drive change. This progress ensures the strong position of the organization in the market.

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