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What Is the Biggest Threat to Internal IT Departments?

Stop for a moment and think about your job, ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, and what it means to your organization. If you cannot answer the question with good reasons, you’re probably doing repetitive tasks that don’t generate enough business value to your business as a whole. However, as a manager, one of your primary functions should be to “make resources productive” through reports and metrics that demonstrate IT operations’ ability to deliver value to your customers. Jeffrey Morgan, in an article for, says that there are three basic governance documents and operational tools that should be deployed in even the smallest IT operations:

  • a clearly defined service catalog
  • a service-level agreement (SLA)
  • a professional services automation (PSA) system

Begin with Basic

A service catalog should be developed with your executive leadership in order to educate your customers what services are available and provided by your business. It will likely detail services handled inside the business and those handled by external contractors, and it would be wise to include details on availability and cost. For an added degree of clarity and reliability, consider forging SLAs for internal service providers. An SLA describes what the service you’re offering is and what is not, what your goals are and what are not, and what the appropriate method of support is, and what is not. Why relegate something that useful to only external contractors?

PSA system is yet like a psychic ball to help predict the future, promote collaboration, and make time entry more precise by tracking and storing historical data on your project deliveries. Morgan writes this:

Lack of a PSA system is my biggest IT pet peeve. There is no excuse for not having such a system, and they are downright cheap compared to the cost of IT labor. In an IT assessment or audit, the lack of an auditable system to manage service requests can bury you — the vulnerable CIO or IT director. The reports and data from such a system can prove what a super manager you are. Or they can demonstrate your total incompetence.

You will incorporate your catalog of services and SLA into your PSA system.

Creating a “revolution” for better IT customer service is not a struggle if you follow a few relatively simple steps. Look for your executives and discuss with them what your customers want, as well as what the business can offer. Work from that point, and the quality of your operations will not even be a subject matter in the future.

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