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4 Smart Approaches to Improve Digital Governance

In the fast-evolving cyber risk landscape, data breach has become one of the most common concerns for the IT organizations. Yet some organizations are struggling with conventional IT security risk management.

In this article at Business2Community, Jen McClure explains that those who are not updating their security policies or investing in upgraded tools and technologies, they are likely to bear the brunt of fastest-growing cyber threats.

Digital Risk Management

Digital risk management can disrupt customer loyalty and even shareholder value. Hence, it is essential for organizations to rethink how to approach digital risk management and governance. Here are some productive tips to get started:

  1. Top to Bottom Awareness: Educate senior leaders and the board of directors on the evolving cyber risk landscape. Teach them the importance of digital and social media risk management so they can educate their subordinates further.
  2. Hi-Tech Investment: Audit your digital landscape to ensure you have updated digital assets. Those who are lagging behind must invest in upgraded tools and techniques to identify and manage advanced cyber threats.
  3. Employee Training: Make digital and social media training mandatory for all the employees and ensure to include instruction on email phishing attacks, best password practices, etc. This will help best in protecting the organization’s digital accounts.
  4. Inclusive Approach: Adopt a comprehensive organizational approach to cyber risk management through the creation of a Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE). It will provide digital leadership, oversight, training, best-in-class advice, and best practices.

The author believes that organizations may easily improve their digital risk management just by focusing on the staff, existing process, and technology. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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