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The Role of Change Models in Ditching CAB

The road to building an IT organization that can get by without a change advisory board (CAB) is long and winding. Perhaps in some cases it is simply not possible. IT service management expert Greg Sanker continues seeking ways to do it though. In a post at ITSM Transition, he discusses how change models can be used to streamline IT change management.

Even CAB Drivers Are Losing Jobs

The fundamental thorn that always sticks out in change management’s side is how so much of it feels repetitive. Many changes are similar in nature but still must always undergo the same labored processes of validation, because risk must be managed regardless of the tedium involved. Sanker thinks the use of change models can more effectively handle these repetitive situations—and at the same time address the aspects of the changes that still make them unique.

Change models are “generic, pre-defined” procedures, and those with a request can insert their data into these models. Sanker suggests using change models across a variety of situations, including automated application deployments, deploying monthly PC patches, non-routine service requests, and regular system maintenance. He says a model should include these things:

  • Process steps for completing the change
  • How to identify and address varying risk levels
  • How to identify and notify impacted customers.
  • How to identify and engage stakeholders in business impact assessment?
  • Generic roles and responsibilities, including
    • Who will perform which parts of the change
    • What change authority approves the change
  • Time frame for change implementation, including rollback checkpoints
  • Escalation process in the event things do not go as planned

Change models will not in themselves eliminate the need for CAB, but they will at least greatly reduce the involvement of CAB in changes, making for fewer chances for bottlenecks as well.

For additional elaboration, you can view the original post here:

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