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How Governance Can Help in Change Management

Change management is any leadership’s biggest issue. You have little time to think through as you feel the pressure mounting with each passing day. Nevertheless, you must sit down with the senior management and chalk out a governance plan. In this article at Being First, Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson discusses the positive aspects of governance in change management.

Aspects of Good Governance in Change Management

When your project is undergoing change management, you need effective governance. Confusion regarding authority and in-house politics can impact progress. Good change governance helps to understand who is in charge. The leadership coordinates and monitors every activity. You can expect clear decision making from the committee that oversees that change management.

Leadership Hierarchy: A governance body for change management will include sponsor, change process leader, initiative leads, project teams, and change consultants. The members must find a suitable way to coordinate with each other for a smooth transition. Decide the activities, communication channels, and meeting frequency of the teams. Distribute the management responsibilities as per designation. Establish a tracking system to monitor the phases.

Transparency in Decision-making: The leadership must agree on the majority of the aspects of change management. If you are acquiring a company, they must know who is going to take the final calls. The initial foundation will either bring a total confusion or greater efficiency to the future culture. Leadership must be clear about the rights, policies, and processes. Their confidence will filter down to the workforce.

Running and Supervising: Since the team should work closely with the operations team, there are bound to be some conflicts. In an ideal situation, the change management team should be a separate body that is running parallelly with the operations team. However, there might be people playing two roles, so they must know when to switch their responsibilities.

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