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3 Golden Rules to Enhance Communication in Service Management

In the field of service management, communication is the keyword. The ability to retain the customer base in the day end depends on how smoothly you handle incidents and change. If you want to improve your communication skills holistically, you must then locate the improvement areas. In this article at Service Management Journey, Ryan Ogilvie discusses 3 tips to enhance communication in service management.

3 Communication Tips in Service Management

You need to understand a simple thing: communication is for the benefit of the customers only. You might have a powerful vocabulary, but the customer has approached you to solve issues. So, communicate in a language that the individual understands. Here are the 3 golden communication tips that will come handy in your services:

Say What the Customer Wants to Hear: Are you describing the whole process to the clients? The problem is, they might just know a lot less than you think of. Give them exactly what they want and that which will add value to their cause. Or else, it is just words strung together that mean very little to them and solve nothing. You certainly do not want your audience to ignore the emails that you have taken the pain to write.

Make the Content Crisp: In IT services, you must communicate not comprehensively but effectively. Highlight what changes or incidents might happen and what actions the customers can take to delay or prevent those situations. Understand the business and specify needs in relation to that to get better responses.

Power Up Communication: Different audiences prefer different types of communication. Ask the people in the business what they prefer to make service management effective and beneficial for them. Some business units might require emails while others would like push notifications. Constantly update your communication channels to keep it relevant.

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