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Can IT and Your Business Co-Exist? Read the ITSM Report conducted a survey, “How Well Does IT Know the Business,” to check the current alignment of IT with business. The statistics give some interesting insights into the current scenario. In this article at, Stephan Mann conveys what the report revealed about today’s IT-business alignment.

Is IT Aligning with Today’s Business?

The survey committee asked 10 questions to the ITSM respondents to check their knowledge in business and company strategy. The survey asked two questions for each of the following 5 key areas:

  1. Knowledge About Business: The committee asked the respondents to rate their knowledge of the company’s products, services, global presence, and clientele. The next question was regarding their knowledge of company goals and objectives and IT’s contribution in that. Only 29% of the ITSM respondents did not have business knowledge. 39% need to know more about company strategy.
  2. Quantifying Performance: The first question was if the respondents’ organizations knew about IT services’ role in their operations and success. The second was, how the ITSM professionals measure their IT organizations’ performance. Only 9% of IT organizations have metrics that tie and measure IT’s role in business success. A mere 36% have basic performance measures that they need to update.
  3. Cost versus Value: The survey wanted to know the respondents’ business colleagues’ take on IT expenditure. Then the committee asked if the ITSM professionals knew how IT is generating value in the business. 4% of respondents say that their business workforce thinks that IT is driving value for money, while two-thirds think otherwise. 21% know about the IT services that are helping in the business growth.
  4. Customer-Centric: The committee asked who the IT workforce think as clients and how they meet the expectations. 95% view internal stakeholders as customers. 21% make sure their customers know the deliverables and the deadline upfront. 38% confess they wanted to work on their commitment to clients.
  5. IT-Business Alignment: The first query was if the respondents knew how IT challenges can affect business operations. The second was if they knew the cost that would incur due to IT incidents and failures. While 40% understood how IT issues can impact business, 50% knew just about the IT costs. However, the majority of ITSM professionals knew how IT performance influences business.

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