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What Are the Benefits of a Regular IT Service Desk Huddle?

Just like sports teams before a game, your IT service desk must start their day with a huddle. Businesses are making it a norm for teams to gather at least once in a day for better productivity. In this article at, Natalie Harris Briggs discusses the benefits of a regular IT service desk huddle.

Huddle Benefits of IT Service Desk

Huddle is a short, informal meeting where the team members talk rather than the leader. Though sports teams have invented it, it has also become a norm in regular office spaces. Following are the best practices, benefits, and tips to conduct the IT service desk huddle:

Best Practices:

  • The time limit for a daily huddle is 10 to 30 minutes. The best time for a gathering is between 11:00 a.m. and 2:20 pm. The energy is low during these hours. The huddle will act as a protein boost to the IT service desk.
  • Make the people stand during the huddle. This prevents them from slouching as well as from getting distracted by their smartphones.
  • To make it informal, choose an open area. Choose a dedicated place that suits the informal nature of your IT service desk huddle.
  • Be specific and start with good news. Start with positive feedback, then update on products and services, and end with issues. Focus on your daily targets rather than the long-term goals in this short meeting.


  • Communications and Updates: Making your IT service desk come together for huddle allows you to share with all the important updates in one shot.
  • Team Spirit: There is nothing like positive customer feedback for an IT service desk. When you start work with that positive frame in mind, it increases the team spirit.
  • KPI Management: You can inform teams about targets and goals every day or at regular intervals for better KPI results.
  • Issue Resolution: All are in the same place in a huddle. People can come up with a solution for issues or connect to the right person faster.
  • Workplace Modernization: Millennials prefer to talk less and work effectively. By imbibing the huddle culture in your work environment, you will attract the forward-looking millennial jobseekers.
  • Teamwork: The IT service desk employees often work in silos. When they come for regular huddles, you give them an opportunity to think as one team and know each other’s personality.


  • Lean Huddling: If you have a dedicated huddle space, keep the walls white and hang some inspiring quotes.
  • Light Is Necessary: The room must have a big window with daylight streaming in. If not possible, have lots of lights installed to make up for it.
  • Technology: Leverage technology to make your point across quickly and effectively. Interactive displays allow your IT service desk to upload documents, charts, graphs, etc. for better discussion points.
  • Time to Act: Huddle must prep people up. Either stand or have high stools to keep them awake during the discussion.

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