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Digital Governance: 3 Guidelines to Accomplish It Perfectly

While successful digital governance is paramount today, 70 percent of change programmes derail. Automating the current processes cannot reduce these risks. In this article at Project Times, Paul Oppong shares 3 guidelines to accomplish digital governance perfectly.

Assuring Seamless Digital Governance

As enterprises are changing their business models at a rapid pace, digital governance must be continuously changing. The framework should support the required approvals, decision-making, and implementations. As laws and compliances are becoming stricter for products and services, digital governance is a key component for the future stability of a company. Following are the 3 guidelines to ensure digital governance is effectively implemented:

Collaborative Digital Teams: Instead of working in isolation, digital teams should corroborate problems, issues, and solutions together. This would improve cost efficiency, knowledge base, and overall skills as well as reduce time to market.

Committees per Business Units: Interactions between committees of different business units can establish uniform digital governance. Apart from allocating resources to a prioritized project schedule, they can upgrade skills and build a central repository for future reference. Since all the committees have clear visibility of all the digital projects, they can achieve decision-making capabilities.

Digital Roles: Professionals experienced in digital transformation are the best leaders to drive businesses now. So, creating posts like Chief Digital Officers would only be beneficial to enable digital governance. Consultants can help identify areas that can be automated. Ensure they have valid experience in digital transformation to channelize a smooth digital transformation process.

Budgeting in the Digital Era

To keep pace with the digital era, the annual budgeting process also must change. Instead of fixing a budget for all projects, enterprises should allocate budget as and when projects come along. This would help them to leverage the right opportunities at the right time.

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