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Best Data Governance Tools Used by Big IT Firms

Data governance is a centralized mechanism to control the availability, safety, integrity, and usability of essential data. Data governance tools are used to address documentation gaps, data visibility, and management.

In this article at Tech Target, Reda Chouffani suggests some data governance tools used by big IT firms to ensure data efficiency and security.

Rules to Acknowledge

To shortlist the right data governance tool for your organization, list down a set of rules about data knowledge and usage. Also, gather information on data security policies required to mitigate compliance and regulatory risks. Here are some tools to consider:

  • IBM Watson: IBM offers numerous data governance tools for IT organizations to categorize, combine, and document essential data. The high demand products include:
    • Watson Knowledge Catalog to collect and document business data.
    • InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog to define and share data governance policies online.
    • InfoSphere Information Analyzer to determine quality.
    • Watson AI to analyze and deliver insights into the information gathered around the usage of data by staff.
  • Alteryx Connect: It is a data classification tool to visually define the data used by end-users in an organization.
  • Datum Information Value Management tool: Acquired by Infogix in October 2018, this tool enables businesses to connect with various data resources to get insights into the volume of data gathered by an organization. It also oversees the need for data security and policies.
  • Netwrix: Organizations struggling to focus on indexing, compiling, and identifying cluttered word documents, PDFs, and text files, can use this tool to gather unstructured data.

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