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Governance 101: The Role of Effective IT Service Management

IT governance’s primary focus is to deliver consistent and quality IT services to its myriad customers. However, this is not always easy, and sometimes life gets in the way. If IT is not properly measuring its services, how can it ensure success and improvement for the future? In an article for The ITSM Review, Jon Morely differentiates between IT governance and effective IT service management.

A Foundation for Success

To begin with, what is governance? According to the infamous (Editor’s Note: She probably meant to say “fantastic.”) Wikipedia: “governance refers to all processes of governing undertaken…and relates to the interaction and decision-making among the actors involved in a collective problem.” The vital takeaway from this is that governance is not the same as management.

According to Harvard Business School, IT governance is “specifying the decision rights and the decision-making mechanics to foster the desired behavior in the use of IT.” Harvard Business School goes on to suggest making an accountability framework that incorporates aspects such as these:

  • Deciphering what decisions should be made
  • Deciding who can make these decisions
  • Deciding how the decisions will be measured

Some other aspects that may be helpful to consider are: people, process, technology, information, services, suppliers, customers, and corporate governance.

While deciding what to include in the ITSM governance, it is equally as important to decide how to design and execute the practice. The first step is to decide which framework and method to utilize, like COBIT or TOGAF. Second, ITSM should be involved with the internal governing bodies, like the change advisory board and the IT pipeline and portfolio board. Third, ITSM governance needs to have policies, procedures, and metrics in place. The final step then is to build an “improvement culture.” Toward that end, having some “quick wins” helps to boost confidence and empower the staff.

Implementing a successful ITSM governance does not have to be overwhelming, as long as you keep in mind the basics. You can read the original article here:

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