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What Soft Skills Are Essential for IT Service Desk Analysts Today?

Companies need IT service desk analysts that have excellent soft skills. However, you need a sufficient amount of time to imbibe these skills. In this article at Service Desk Show, Michael Dehoyos discusses the top soft skills IT service desk analysts need to inculcate today.

Soft Skills: The Need of the Hour

Though the need for soft skills is increasing every day, organizations are yet to find ways to measure their efficacy. However, leaders want their employees to be ‘well-rounded’ to perform daily activities with diligence. Below are the soft skills that are essential for IT service desk analysts today:

A Pinch of Your Sense of Humor: Customers can decide from the initial minutes of a call how customer-centric your service is. So, IT service desk analysts need to ensure customers are being listened to. Sharing some light-hearted jokes while processing their tickets can increase their engagement.

Be Responsible: When you apologize, it shows that you are responsible for the actions you take. Avoid shifting blames on the previous agent or giving vague deadlines for ticket resolution.

Make It Objective: The service desk analysts need to understand that customers call to get quick resolutions. They will appreciate it if you listen to their problems and connect them to the relevant personnel.

Have Compassion: The rush to attend as many calls as possible make IT service desk analysts sound mechanical in the process. To know you care, show some emotions and empathize with their plight. Apart from issues, customers show their frustrations, too. Your job is to look past the disappointments and address their concerns.

Prepare to Resolve Conflicts: Conflict resolution is part of the job that IT service desk analysts need to deal with regularly. You need to cater to the customers in every step of the way. If you follow up post-resolution, it will win you brownie points.

Be Diplomatic: Customers call up service desk analysts believing that they will be able to provide solutions. Irrespective of which party has caused the problem, you need to approach it delicately. Too defensive, and they might feel cornered. Too vague, and they might categorize you as incompetent.

Showcase Optimism: It is essential to stay optimistic always. IT service can drain your energy, but your job is to serve the customers.

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