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How to Identify and Hire the Best IT Service Desk Employee

Thanks to self-service portals and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, an IT service desk employee can work on complicated issues. The catch is investments in AI can be successful if your agents utilize it. In this article at the Service Desk Show, Frits Koot shares how you can identify and hire the best IT service desk employee.

Hiring for IT Service Desk

Even if the company is investing big in emerging technologies, it can function without the right people. Here are the ways to identify and hire the best IT service desk employee:

Looking for the Right Mindset: The IT service desk employee that gets a higher customer satisfaction rate is the one that prioritizes customers more than procedures. No matter how much time it takes, the individual will ensure that the ticket is resolved. People like this employee have a service mindset. They inherently believe in helping people out. They do not run behind target or KPIs. The customer-centric mentality should be the main criterion to hire your IT service desk employee now.

Focus Is on the Customers: ITIL 4 suggests automating repetitive tasks and making processes simpler to make time for customers. In previous guidelines, the focus was mainly on process standardization. The methods lowered the risks of human mistakes and reduced resolution time. If you make processes less complicated, it results in happy employees. Happy employees make customers happy in return.

The Service Mentality: It is not possible to understand if a person has a service mentality in two or three rounds of interviews. Engage in nonverbal conversations that would bring out the core principles of the individual. The candidate will answer in the affirmative if you ask straightforward questions like if the individual wants to help the customers. The STAR method can be handy here.

Identifying Through Actions: To understand if a candidate can be the ideal IT service desk employee, ask for instances where the individual helped others. People with a service mindset will help others outside work, too. For example, they will feed the neighbor’s cat or spend time with their grandparents.

Having the Control: The catch is, helpful employees might also go to the extreme and promise things they cannot deliver. So, the best IT service desk employee would be the candidate that knows when to stop. The solution should be such that both parties gain from it.

Examining the Existing Team: Have regular, informal chats with the team members to understand who fit the role. Identify procedures that stop them from helping customers.

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